After Opening Night …


Opening Night

Hair: Opale Rose
Gown: Prism Octavia Gown in Mauve
Lipstick: Izzie’s Fae Lipgloss




White Rose …

White Rose


Hair: Shi Eleu
Dress : Byrne Melrose Dress in White Rose @Swank
Fur : Ryvolter Maxine Shoulder Stole in Snow
Earrings: Foil O’Rose Earrings in Red
Rings: ieQED Rose Ring
Fan: NYU Dynasty Silk Fan in Mono (Gacha)
Shoes : Enfant Terrible Rose Shoe (Gacha)
Lipstick: Livia Carlin Lipsticks
Eyeshadow : Izzies Bunny Eyeshadow

All White …


All White.jpg

Hair: Entwined Lexie
Top: Coco Sheer Panel Crop Top in White
Dress: Maitreya Vintage Lace Gown in Bridal
SHoes: Reign Alexander heels
Glasses : Ladies Who Lunch Diva Glasses in White (Gacha)

Always Summer …

Summer has been beautiful in London this year, but I still wish I was at the beach.

Always Summer

Hair: Besim Pesha
Top: Prism Sere crochet Top
Bikini Bottoms: Prism Nalla Bikini Bottoms in Flamingos
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer Lollapalooza

Snake Song …

I’m just afraid of snakes
They really creep me out
Where are their arms and legs?
It’s not okay!

Snake song.jpg
Hair: Besom Pesha
Jacket: Byrne Witch House Outfit in Dark @ Lovecraftfest
Bodysuit: Byrne Hellfire Bodysuit
Necklace: Lagyo Black Baroque in Black (Gacha)
Brows: Lagyo Gold Baroque Brows (Gacha)
Lipstick: Livia Carlin Lipstick