Camilla …

Feeling like spring.

When I first joined SL I used to wear a lavender hair all the time so it is not really something new. I am really feeling spring like especially with the gorgeous weather we are having here in London.

Prism April 2

Hair :Wasabi Pills Giselle
Dress : Prism Camilla Harness Dress
Lipstick : Modish Kikilli Set C Lipstick
Bracelet : HMAEM Vintage Bracelet
Bracelet : [7891] Command Bangles in Gold
Shoes : Reign Pattern Pumps

Black Lipstick …

Bloggy 2

A bit of a throwback with the cigarette holder from The Sea Hole.

Hair : Little Bones Sita
Top : Ison Work It Blazer in Black
Trousers : Rowne Shui Trousers in Onyx
Lipstick : No 7 Kissing Lipstick in Black
Shoes : Pure Poison Leila Pumps in Black

Feeling it …



Hair : Tableau Vivant Luminary
Dress : Titzuki Slit Tee in White
Glasses : Swallow Metropolitan Sunglasses
Necklace : Ison Safari Tribe Necklace in Silver
Shoes : Cliche Silver SB Shoes in White

Spring come please …

Spring is taking its own sweet time…


Yellow Red Lips opt 1
Hair : Elua Hollis 2
Dress : Ison Wrap Side Dress Floral Yellow
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer Knotted Shimmer Pearls
Headpiece : Lode Ann Single Lily in Fashion
Lipstick : Adore & Abhor Shreveport Lips in Brick Red (my favourite ! )

A bit late p2 …

Showing the look I made for the second  Miss SL 2017 Challenge . My styling was inspired by the return of birdsong and colour. This great photo was taken by  Zoya Braham


Hair : Miamai Sprout hair
Top : LWL Aviary Tutu in Flamingo
Top2 : System Top from Boudoir Yellow Feather Dress
Skirt : Diram Scarlet Skirt in Ultramarine Green
Shoes : Pixicat Royal Shoe in Pink
Gloves : Belgravia Jessamine Gloves in Rose
Earrings : Glow Studio Juicy Gems Earrings in Rose Gold
Makeup : No 7 Circus Myriam Makeup
Eyeshadow : White Widow Cerise
Blush : Pink Acid Photo Studio Blush

A Bit Late …

Women of the World : Minimalist Styling

A bit late but I am sharing with you my styling for the first challenge of Miss SL 2017.  I was very excited to start the competition and i was happy when I saw it because I do love minimalist styling. But found it really hard , I think I got into my head and kept second guessing myself. The look I presented was my fifth choice of six ! I was happy in the end with my look, and boy I have to say the other ladies did a great job.

Please take special note of the shoes I LOVE them. I have had these shoes for ages and this was their premier. i will be wearing them A LOT.

Miss SL Challenge 1
Hair ; Shi Valiant
Top : COCO Sweater with Shirt in White
Skirt : David Heather Vetement Skirt in Black
Shoes : Bleich August in Cobalt
Bag ; Rowne Vittoria Leather Tote in Red
Ring : Ison Safari tribe Ring in Silver

Slightly Modern Flapper …

Loving the modern flapper feel of this dress from Prism.
Photo taken at Berlin 1920’s project.

prism March
Hair : Letlutka Josephine hair
Dress : Prism Debbie Glitter Velvet Dress in Burgundy
Makeup : Madrid Solo Period Design Hustle
Lipstick: Adore & Abhor Dark Lips in Blood
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer Knotted Shimmer pearl
Bracelets : Mandala pearl Rain bracelet
Bag : Milk Motion Parfume bottle Bag in Burgundy
Shoes : Ingenue Louise heels in Rouge

Miss SL Auditions ..


So excited to share this photo as it is from my audition for Miss Sl 2017. Like a lot of people 2016 was awful for me my RL had a bit of meltdown, relationship ended my business had to close it was just really rough. I also had a meltdown in my Sl as well where I could not summon the enthusiasm to do the things I had committed to do ie. modelling & blogging commitments, the most disappointing of these was after achieving one of my SL bucket list items, becoming a Ferosh model I had to drop out of the fashion week shows. I know seriously awful as it was a dream to work with so many models I admired and respected.

I am in a better place now and I am back to SL doing the things I love Fashion and exploring and I even started roleplaying again. I was hesitant to enter the Miss Sl contest as I have wanted to compete in it since the beginning (I did not made it past audition in 2015) but I was feeling very rusty. But I knew I would have regretted not trying out so I went for it and yayyy freaking yayyyyys !!!! I made it past the auditions this time. I was so nervous to read the results but then I saw my name and I actually gave a little squeal of joy.

Here is my outfit based on Spring/ Summer 2017 trends, I went for reconstructed mens shirts as I love that trend.

Miss Sl audition 1.jpg

Hair : [LoQue] Tarasun
Top: COCO Off Shoulder Shirt in Stripe
Trousers: Vogue Xalyna Asy Pants
Earrings : Foil Wave Earring in Gold
Ring: Modern couture Truly Ring
Lipstick: Zibska Sing

lady …

Boss Lady.jpg

Hair : Wasabi Pills Dawn
Dress : Prism Karen Sequin Dress in Black
Over Shoulder Coat : Prism Karen Mink Shoulder Coat
Shoes : Garbaggio Daydream Pump in Gold
Rings: Ieqed Rose ring & Maxi Gossamer Venetian Fortune

Photo taken at the amazing Elysion lounge

Knit & Leather 3…

Hair : Lelutka Seiko
Top : shi Couveture Drape Vest in White
Skirt : Block C Pencil Skirt
SHoes : Leverocci Leopard Booties in Albino
Bracelets : Kunglers TDRF # 59 Tropical Bracelets
Eyeshadow : Madrid Solo Eye Dominace
Lipstick : Pink Acid Donut Glazed Lip Gloss in Caramel