Sunday Stroll …

Taking a Sunday stroll around the gorgeous town of Basillque I have to reccomend it it is such a picturesque spot and it feels very like a european town. It is also the home of the very excellent Paradise Lost so nuff said.

Hair : Tableau Vivant Hill Dreads
Dress : Nya’s UnderseaDress in Blue
Earrings : Paper Couture Leather & Gold Earrings
Bracelets : DDL Faith Bracelets

Feel Like a Queen …

Hair fair 2014 is still on, and showing you the Divine hair from Zibska who has updated the colours availiable for their hair, which is awesome. I love this hair I actually bought it cause I thought it looked delicious, but when I put it on it felt very regal.

Hair : Zibska Jupiter
Eyeshadow : Zibska Elspet Noir (Hair Fair Gift ! )
Lipstick : ZIbska Eleventy in Black berry
Dress: Zibska Rui in Noir

Hair Fair 2014 …

What an amazing array we have to choose from at this year’s hair fair. There is something for everyone and I swear there are more designers than ever. The thing I love about the hair fair is that it is a guilt free reason to shop with much of the profits going to Wigs For Kids and also I almost always find a new designer or hairstyle that I fall totally in love with. I so did not budget for so many great styles. I have to showcase today this new at least new to me brand ELUA I fell for this short crop hairstyle and also this long style with a plait detail that is bot sweet and chic.
I also have to give praise to my skin creator because I used to be someone who changed her skin with her outfit but It has been 8 months and I am still loving my LENA from Elysium.

ELUA Tricia in Red ELUA Ursula in Red


Dead Dollz has released a bridal Collection based on versions of the main collection of stunning gowns, now I am in heaven as I seem to be a bit obsessed with wearing white lately. I am so eager to show them off that I am doing a double blog post today.

Hair : Elua Ursula in Red
Gown : Dead Dollz Gilda Bridal
Jewellery : Finesmith BatKol Set in Ice
Eyeshaow : Zibska Galit (HAIR FAIR gift)

Cool Summer Evening …

Such a lovely and chic set of top and skirt from HMAEM at Couturier’s Dock this round. There are a variety of colours and both pieces are chic and perfect for so many occasions I really appreciate separates, they are great for those cool summer evenings.

Hair : Ison Amber
Top : H.M.A.E.M Jeanette Shirt in Red
Skirt : H.M.A.E.M Jeanette Skirt in red/yellow
Bracelet : Finesmith Nina Bracelet in Lemon
Shoes : BSD Bruges in Mango

Trying out my new skateboard …

Finally got around to unpacking my skateboard from the last round of the arcade. It always happen like this for the whole month I am furiously hoarding and collecting and trading so I get all the items I want I never really unpack anything until the month is over, I love the arcade although I am not a fan of gatcha machines in general, I think the arcade is different because I can play the machines and then trade for what I really like, So I visited a gorgeous beach sim called Black Basalt Beach. A lovely sim very beautiful and had a path so I could try out my skateboard which I am in love with. Also wearing new bikini and shorts from the new Undersea Collection.

Hair : Tableau Vivant Hill
Bikini Bra : Nya’s SHop Undersea Bra in Blue
Shorts : Nya’s Undersea Shorts in Jonium

Top Model Competition …

It was an amazing competition, I felt stressed but in that good push yourself more kind of way, It was amazing to walk the runway with such wonderful models many of whom I have admire for a while here are my looks for the various challenges I was fortunate to participate in .

The STeamPunk Express Challenge .

Feelings Challenge Ecstasy

Hair : Letluka Maleficent
Top : shi Tsade Body cuffin Marron
Dress : Solideas Folies Lo No
SHoes : R2 A/D/e Enbi Boots in Black
Gloves : Baistice : Velvet long Gloves in Red
Hat : Finesmith Love Black

Marcos Mitanovski Challenge

Hair : Boudoir Sweet Nymph in Red
Collar : Milk Lace neck Tattoo in Noir
Necklace : Gizza Epaulette set in Cream
Corset : AD creations My Gothly Mesh Corset (Part of My Gothly Gown)
Skirt : PurpleMoon Marilyn in Black
Bustle : Boudoir Snow White Gone Bad (Part of the outfit)
Leggings : Indrya Originals Claudette
Shoes : r2 A/D/E Uruo Heels in Black
Gloves : .Shi Fingerless Gloves in Black
Mask : No 7 Net Mask
Lipstick : Pink Acid White Matte Lipstick

Dance …

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.” 
― Friedrich Nietzsche



Hair : Boudoir Madam Pompadour Hair in Powder &Black
Dress : Dead Dollz Its Worth ! in Pink

At the beach with Ames…

I know i blabber about this a lot on my blog but I really do get very impressed by the creativity and beauty of the great sim builders we have on the grid. I wanted to enter the search for Vogue Bloggers and I love this bikini and wanted to blog it I actually have been looking for it in RL. I also needed a beach sim for this and decided to go somewhere other than my much beloved and often used Baja Norte and so did a lovely tour of some of the loveliest beach sims on the grid.


Hair : |Mina Nikky in Reds
Bikini : Vogue Ames Bikini
Lipstick : No 7 Kissing Lipstick