Red all over …

I have decided to hop on the mesh head train, its time, I am always so behind with these second life avatar improvements, I think I was one of the last to have slink feet. I resisted the mesh heads because I honestly never found one I like more than my standard head. And in the end bento heads are the ones that convinced me as they are more adaptable than the standard ones. It was kind of frustrating because it is hard to find makeup now that have tattoo layers so in a way I did feel a little forced to move on to mesh heads. Anyways here is a blog post with my standard heads.

I have become kind of obsessed with all in one colour looks. So here is one in red.

Red All over 2_001_001

Hair: Elua Hollis
Sweater : Pixicat Warm Sweater in Red
Tights : Luxuria Fall/Winter 17 Thigh High Socks
Shoes : Xela Platforms in Scarlet
Eyeshadow : Izzies Bunny Eyeshadows
Lipstick : Adore & Abhor Brights Lipstick
Earrings: Le Primtiff Jolie Earrings in Red
Bag : Flite Apex Bag in Red



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