Offbeat …

I love how in Second Life fashion we have our own trends. Offbeat is a brand I just found out about it is a great asian style street wear brand and sadly is closing down. A lot of amazing clothes are coming out of gacha machines lately and Offbeat is one of the best. I hope they come back to Second Life fashion design. I have decided to blog a few looks featuring them this week. They will be missed.

Offbeat 1 1.jpg

Hair: Wasabi Pills Chai (gacha item)
Top: Offbeat Crush on you Urban Tee set in a languid
Skirt :David Heather Vetement Skirt in Black
Shoes : Fri. Kendal Platforms in Pewter
Lipstick : Pink Acid Overly Done Fake Lips in Jam
Necklace : M.Birdie Leah Look Choker
Bracelet: Benjaminz Trail bracelets



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