Shipwrecked …

This one was a bit tricky I was not really happy with how the pictures came out but I really liked the styling.

COC Photo Challenge 2

Zion is relieved that she was wearing her pearls as the boat started to go down, just because she is on a desert island doesn’t mean she cant look fabulous. Its not all bad she can be chic on the shores with her cape made of coral and soft grass skirt, while watching her bae make an S.O.S and spear some fish.

COC Photo Challenge 2 Head

Hair : EMO-tions Abbey
Bikini Top : Prism Gail Bikini in White
Bikini Bottoms: Ghee Tropical Hi- waist Bottom
Grass Skirt :Caverna Obscura Huldra Outfit
Cape : Finesmith Riri Inspiration Cape
Top #2 : Luas Pearls Harness in White
Hairpiece : KL Hibiscus Flower Hair Clip in Red/White
Bracelets : Maxi Gossamer White South Sea Pearls
Bracelets & Rings : Lazuri Classic Pearls Set


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