Colour of Couture Photo Challenge 1…

Sooooo excited to be sharing the photo from the first challenge from this years Miss Colour of Couture. I really had a good time doing this one…

Miss COC Photo Challenge 1 Head

Behind closed doors body swaying to the sweet melody, dancing in supreme light. Followed by the chatter of royal swans she embraces the Goddess of knowledge, music, and the arts. Zion is moved by the goddess of divine speech to encase herself in the decadence of gold and silk and to embody the spirit of Saraswati. Pure and light yet passionate saviour of the world through poetic bliss and words divine.

Miss COC Photo Challenge 1

Hair :Exile memory Bliss
Headpiece : Xenga Headpiece in White
Top : Shi Glossy Bikini Top
Top #2 : Aisling Diane Style 3 Chestlace
Top #3 : Zaara Chandini Dupatta in Ivory Gold
Bottom : Bomshell katya Ethnic Harem Pants
Face Jewels : Aisling Karishma Nose ring & Chin
Earrings : Finesmith Adwaita
Necklace : Aisling karishma Plastron Necklace
Necklace #2 : Ameliarae Beauparlant 24K Latvian Necklace
Hand Jewels : Aisling Gaia Hand
Anklets : Aisling Nilia Anklets
Bangles : Maxi Gossamer Damasc Bangles
Bangles #2 : Zaara Indian Bangles in Gold Pearl
Eyeshadow : Zibska Fleurette Eyeshadow in Gold
Lipstick : Pink Acid White Lipstick
neck tattoo: Nuuna Flux
Tattoo: Aeseriz Gold Sun tattoo
Shoes : Wicca’a Wardrobe Elowen Flats in Brass



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