A lot late p5 …

A woman can be over dressed but never over elegant.
Its almost the end of the Miss SL journey this has been my favourite of the challenges. I love the 20’s, and this challenge really inspired me I think I may do some more 20’s stylings after the contest is over.
The 20’s werent exactly an enlightened time but the fashion of the era was definitely a symbol of feminism, the baring of the legs and the arms women wearing black when not in mourning (Thank you Miss Coco Chanel ). I decided to do a day look still kind of opulent but perfect for meeting friends for tea at the Ritz.

Challenge 5 1

Hair : Lelutka Josephine
Dress : Volstead Butterfly
Fur : Enfant Terrible Vintage Girl Furs in Brown
Shoes : Chic Chica Latte Flappers
bag : Enfant Terrible Leo Bag
Gloves ; Celoe Mery Gloves in Teak
Hat ; Shi Cloche Hat (had this for years first time wearing it)
Bracelet : Kunglers Pearl Bracelets
bracelet : Maxi Gossamer Single Strand Pearl Set
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer Knotted Shimmer Pearls
Lipstick : Adore & Abhor Silent Star Lipstick baroque
Blush & Eyeshadow : Madrid Solo Period Designs Hustle



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