A Bit Late …

Women of the World : Minimalist Styling

A bit late but I am sharing with you my styling for the first challenge of Miss SL 2017.  I was very excited to start the competition and i was happy when I saw it because I do love minimalist styling. But found it really hard , I think I got into my head and kept second guessing myself. The look I presented was my fifth choice of six ! I was happy in the end with my look, and boy I have to say the other ladies did a great job.

Please take special note of the shoes I LOVE them. I have had these shoes for ages and this was their premier. i will be wearing them A LOT.

Miss SL Challenge 1
Hair ; Shi Valiant
Top : COCO Sweater with Shirt in White
Skirt : David Heather Vetement Skirt in Black
Shoes : Bleich August in Cobalt
Bag ; Rowne Vittoria Leather Tote in Red
Ring : Ison Safari tribe Ring in Silver


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