FashionTropic Uno …

So my Miss colour of Couture bid ended so badly I crashed out in the middle of the finals after feeling confident and working hard it was devastating, and I actually couldn’t bear to even log into SL for a while. I apologize for being so absent and will be back online more from now on. I missed blogging though and am trying to catch up with my blogging. Fashion Tropic is going on this month with designs from various creators on the grid with a tropical theme perfect for the summer weather and holiday planning. I wanted to blog multiple items for the first post but it was quite easy to do 4 items at once .

Hairbase : Lelutka Hairbase
Headwrap : Ghee Tropical Mix Headwrap in Aqua (FASHIONTROPIC URL)
Top : Nyas Shop Tructara top in Tropicana
Jewellery : Kunglers Carolina in Emerald
Glasses : Meva Bamboo Glass



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