Ferosh Style Meme : Grunge

Was very happy to take up the Ferosh styling meme this week, Though I am a bit late as in by a day The theme is Grunge and I am very fond of that genre of music and clothes so this was fun for me I went a little cliche with it with the ripped jeans and plaid shirt. I actually forgot about this waist wrapped plaid shirt from COCO which was a past gatcha from them. I encourage everyone to try this there is a winner and it is great fun to see what other people do with the theme.

Hair Spellbound Velvet in Merlot (Gacha)
Top : Le Forme Crochet Sweater in Black
Jeans : Dirty Mind Nael Suspended Denim Pants
Shoes : Red Mint Shoe Punk Boot in Black
Plaid wrap shirt : COCO Shirt around waist Check multi (Gacha )
Eyeshadow : Pink Acid Mi Amor Deep Smoke eye Makeup


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