Colour of Couture …

I am sharing with you all my Colour of Couture journey so far. It has been a wonderful experience an I love all the ladies I have met and all the challenges have been fantastic and fun.
It has taken me a while to post about this competition because it took me a while to decide how to do this post so here goes :

The next challenge was a Photo challenge 

Inspired by the Maison Martin Margiela Paris Haute Couture Spring Collection 2014.
The styling is inspired from my favourite look which consisted of a top that looked like a body tattoo, but it is also based on the overall feel of the collection. The collection was so creative, I loved the the emphasis on fabric and the way the fabric was draped and I particularly loved the prints and mixture of different prints together .

I really enjoyed this but it was a little nerve wrecking because I did this styling on the day I got it and it came together very quickly. I always second guess myself when this happens. But I went with it because I loved it very much.


Hair : Tuty’s Adorable in black
Top 1 : Rebel Gal Mugler body
Top 2: .shi Chinoi Wrap Top
Bottom : Fanatik Printed Leggings in Hena
Lipstick : ZIbska Lurine Lips 4 , EyeLiner : Flirt -Rawr
Shoes : JD Cult Suede Blue

Next Up was the Earth Hour Runway Challenge 
This was intimidating as cosmo couture is something I was not familiar with but I really liked it when I got more information on it. Earth Hour inspired my Cosmo Couture so I wanted my colors to be representative of the earth’s yellow sun, green grass and blue oceans , skirt made out of painted wood paneling and old newspapers my dress bodice made from Styrofoam packing my collar made from metal screws.Image

Style Card:
Hair : Loovus Dzevavor Chombo in Rouge 4
Outfit :
Top : Bodice from Zibska Amona Outfit (re-textured)
Skirt 1: Ricielli Kalli minidress in Newspaper
Skirt 2 : Skirt from Zibska Scappa! (re- textured )
Shoes : Maitreya Gold Salience in Midnight
Collar : Zibska Varushka Collar
Makeup :
Eyeliner Eastern Star Monstrous eyeliner in Black
Eyeshadow Violator A night of Mystery in Gold Black
Lipstick NO 7 Sporty Lipstick in Navy – Lime

Next we had the Tom Brown Runway Challenge 
The Tom Brown collection was a a startling work of art in fashion form. I loved the all white Elizabethan – esque theme which highlighted his use of different textures and techniques with very feminine and sexy shapes, even though the models were all covered up.


Hair : Boudoir Blow up Hair in Silver
Blouse : Kyoko Couture No53[OjiBlouse] in White
Corset : Solideas Folies Caoimhe Dress in White
Skirt : Solidea Folies Caoimhe Dress in White
Skirt 2: 1992 Subtle Stripes Skirt in White
Gloves : Vrsion Mesh Hand with Glove in White
Shoes: JD Catty Boots in White
Socks : JD Catty Boots in White included
Lashes : Zibska Selah Tintable White Lashes
Necklace : Maxi Gossamer White South Sea Pearl Bracelets x 3
Earrings : Lazuri Classic Pearls Stud Earrings Large
Eyeshadow : Zibska Frost in Smoke (Part of Sybella Outfit )
Lipstick : Madrid Solo Fatal Beauty Lipstick


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