Springtime with Loovus Dzevavor …

I am not a fan of winter but if I ever move somewhere where there isnt a winter the thing I will miss is the first day of spring, I love that moment when you notice the daffodils and the blossoms on the tress and its actually sunny you can shed your bulky winter coat (I actually have a mac I love ) because its too warm for it. I know if I ever move away from England it will be for warmer climes but spring is something I will miss. SO I got a little side tracked as this post was supposed to be about the awesome Loovus Dzevavor Collection at the Fiera Spring Fashion Fair but the collection is so evocative of spring to me that it got me thinking I especially love the prints  in the collection and these outfits are clothes that will ensure you brighten any room, and draw all eyes on you.

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Hair : Loovus Dzevavor I’m Going Down in Rouge 3
Outfit : Loovus Dzevavor Two Tone fit in Celosia Orange and Freesia
Bag :Loovus Dzevavor Nyong’o Hobo Tote in Sand
Shoes : Loovus Dzevavor Cavaliesque pumps (past GG)
Jewellery :
Necklace Foil Crocodile Brooklyn Necklace
Bracelet H.M.A.E.M Vintage Set in Gold
Earrings Lagyo Baroque Earring in Gold
Lipstick : Loovus Dzevavor Cosmetics Loud Mouth in Lemon


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