SL and RL (also Dead Dollz for Savidad) …

I was reading a blog post and it made me think about the advantages of SL. I worry sometimes that I spend too much time in SL especially due to the fact that my RL can be a bit solitary because I work for myself  and by myself. I have  a courier who comes to my house at 6am everyday we say hello we have even got to the point of saying at least 5 more words after hello. I have friends but they all have day jobs and I am generally asleep during the day because I bake at night at night, my point is that its actually second life that made realise how solitary I was letting myself become and I now make the time to go out and see my friends and funny enough they all seem quite happy to see me 🙂

This is my first post of 2 about the gorgeous gowns Dead Dolls have created for the Fiera Fashion Fair I love the lace detail and the shape is divine for the figure. I am wearing the gown it with the perfect spring accessory the Hatbrella which is available from the gatcha machine at the fair.

dead dolls savidad1 opt 1

Hair : Ison Amber
Gown : Dead Dollz Sakura
Accessory : Hatbrella in Blossom
Earrings : Finesmith Good Earrings (From the Good Set GG)
Makeup :
Eyeshadow Zibska Brynna in Coal, Terren in Noir
Lipstick Modish Kikili Set C lipstick 9


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