Saturday Shopping …

What a spree, the 15th of the month usually see’s a few events like L’ accessories renew but this month see  many start up we have the skin fair this month also the amazing Savidad Fair, I really like when events have a lead up like skin fair and savidad so we have a few weeks to save our lindens I haven’t gotten to savidad yet but I know its going to empty my balance. Normally Friday are my shopping days with Fi *Friday and the dressing room also Limited Bazaar but I waited till Saturday so I could do a proper spree 🙂 I was lucky enough to be given the amazing items from NO 7 for skin fair so I will be showing these off this week (Thank you Shortcake Sugarplum 🙂 ) 


Hair : Truth Hair Maiko in Red 2
Lipstick : NO 7 Sproty Lipstick in Burgundy -Citrus (The Skin Fair )


Hair : Letluka Seiko Hair in Jessica
Dress : FAUX Laced Tee (Fi* Fridays)
Bag : Mutresse Muci Clutch
Stockings : JD Stockings Solid
Shoes : JD Cult Lacquered Black
Lipstick : NO 7 Kissing Lipstick Raspberry Torte


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