Screen Siren Fashion Show..

SO as I hope everyone know by now I have been putting on my muse event Feel Like a Screen Siren. Saturday we had the fashion show and I have to give many praises to the models Averil (extra praise for filling in for an absent model 1 hour befor the show started !), Dementia, Lolita, Lucemia, Miele and Zoomy I have to thank them for participating and doing such a brilliant job with the styling. It was  very hard for me to get the nerve to ask them to do the show as they are all models I respect and admire.I still think of myself as a bit of a noob model. I also have to thank JJ Ragu who helped tremendously behind the scene especially with getting a replacement host which brings me to Miss Suki Barrowstone who came to the rescue literally at the last minute  to host the show I also have to heap much praise onto Eostri our Dj who went above and beyond and also exceeded my expectations with the music.  I think the show went very well considering we all had rezzing issues and the audience were lovely. I have to thank Finesmith for giving me this opportunity I could barely imagine doing something like this before I started but now I have learned alot and I am so happy that I did this. I also have to give thanks to Xenobia Foxclaw who not only donated the venue bit also gave me lots of help. I have gotten alot of praise for the vent but I cant take it because I really couldn’t  have done it on my own so thank you to everyone who help me I really appreciate it.

This is the Sophia Loren Dress from Vero Modero that I wore in the Show it come with the hat and sunglasses. Also wearing kissing Lipstick from no.7, Edina Jewellery from Finesmith and hair from Paper couture.



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