Screen Siren Event …

My Finesmith muse event based on screen sirens opens on Monday. It has been an experience putting together an event I had no idea the amount of planning and work that goes into it and as a self employed woman RL you would think I would be better at putting an event together. I am so lucky to have had help especially from Xenobia Foxclaw who not only provided the venue but also gave me valuable advice and help and Yeriak who helped me with the planning and patiently answered all my sometime dumb questions also Yula and Falbala Fairey who did the poster. My feeling through out this has been a mixture of excitement and anxiety, I keep worrying first that no one will want to take part and then that now one will come. I really hope I pull this off and return the faith that Finesmith have put in me especially with the wonderful events that have been put on so far by the other Finesmith Muse Inspirations. The event opens on the 24th of February and continues till the 3rd of March. There will also be a fashion show on the 1st of March.

Please come and enjoy the great items the designers have created, they really did an amazing job. 



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