Feeling Anti- Social …

Sigh, I have been very anti-social lately have you ever had one those days when you don’t feel like chatting with anyone oh well, the only good thing about it is I tend to work on organising my inventory, I may have mentioned this before but when I first started in Second Life I mainly role played and never really spent money on clothes I mean I did buy clothes but they tended to be for rolepay, I still have a bunch of 17th century Gowns just sitting in my inventory.But I was an avid freebies Midnight Mania and hunt gifts shopper and as a result I have a lot of older stuffsome of it really not the best quality ,some of which I hold on to for sentimental reasons I cant seem to let go of my wings and fairy outfits or my camisks from my brief foray into Gor, I have this folder that is full of unopened hunt gifts because used to do hunts really just for the fun of them. I keep meaning to open them but apparently I am a second life hoarder.

In some good news Faux have released their first hair at the Soho Market it is an exclusive that wont be available after and it is only 90L .So hurry and get it.



One thought on “Feeling Anti- Social …

  1. Feeling anti-social? Welcome to my world girlycue. You look gabby chic and I will sit right here and wait on you until you are done being anti-social. Ya done yet? Ya done yet? How about now? Uff! Hurry back from your dark cloud. 😀

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