Pirate Couture …

Style Kingdom Magazine is having an open public casting for the second time and it is even more competitive than the last time with nearly double the models since last time taking part. The first challenge was Pirate Couture and they provided us with some reference websites which was helpful I researched it a bit and I had a lot of fun putting this look together. Designers like Comme Des Garcons and Jean Paul Gaultier have done this fashion trend to perfection on their runways and I really took my inspiration from them I also thought about being a pirate sailing around and plundering but with a modern twist. I took to the idea of not following the usual rules for fashion and really went for it. This look is quite a departure for me as I really made an effort to mix and match. You can check out the Style Kingdom Blog for details on the judging as they are making sure that the entire process is open and clear.

Pirate Couture Challenge 1 full Pirate Couture Challenge 1

Hair : Boudoir Battleship Hair in Silver
Top 1: SYL Late night daze bodysuit
Top 2: Pink Outfitters Vera Bustier in red
Sleeve/cuff : Fellini Couture (arm from the Loulou dress)
Skirt 1: House of Fox Gia (Skirt)
skirt 2: TOSL Teacup Dress (Skirt and Petticoat )
Tights : Q Baroque Tights
Shoes : Red Mint Punk Boot in Black
Necklace : Pure Poision Alena Silver necklace.
Nails : Finesmith Spike Nails Noir
Makeup : No. 7 Circus Miyriam (@ TGGS)


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