Amazing 2 Years …

It has been a great two years since I first joined second life as it is my rezzday I have been al nostalgic about my early days when I wondered around trying to find my feet visiting freebie malls and getting bitten by bloodliners. I remember my early shape and the hair I would wear I wish I still had photos of those early days to share but I think I lost most of them when my old laptop died.  I think I made more of second Life in my early days when I would Role play and explore  alot . I do still go exploring not as much as I used to but it is funny to look back I remember it taking me a long while to figure out AO’s and also how to unpack my items. (Nostalgic Sigh) anyways I took this photo at one of my most favourite places in second life Worlds end Garden which is closing which is so sad. I am wearing the lace dress from Ison from the amazing new round of collabor88 this is such a gorgeous dress I wish I had it in real life.


Hair : Epoque tied up in Heat
Dress : Ison Amelia Lace Gown in Black
Earrings : Le Primtiff Jolie Earrings in red
Lipstick: Adore & abhor Shreveport lips in Black cherry

Pose : Di’s Opera


8 thoughts on “Amazing 2 Years …

  1. Happy belated Rezz Day Zion. Sorry I am a little late but hope you had a great day and definitely an amazing experience into your third year in SL. I love the World Ends Garden too and it’s indeed sad that they are closing, the good side is we have both been there and this experience will be part of us eternally.

    Thank you so much for your submission to the blogger challenge too! <333

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