Minimalist Knit

So I haven’t really been doing much styling on my own just for fun. It is my favourite thing to do but I have been distracted and just not in the mood. I call it my summer mourning I live in London but I was born and spent most of my teens in Jamaica. I love London and I don’t mind winter but its the bit between summer and winter I just hate. anyhooos.. I am showing a minimalistic look for autumn I didn’t add any jewellery because I loved the look just plain and simple. I saw this hair at fashion week and had to go get it for myself. it is a stunning hair and I am a little bit prejudiced against non mesh hair but the detailing is wonderful.The dress is from Teefy and it is a past Fifty Linden Friday item.


Hair : Tuty’s Adorable Hair in Black

Dress :Olga  Sweatshirt Dress in Peach


2 thoughts on “Minimalist Knit

  1. I have this hair and wear it often, it works great with the sticks from Mandala. And see now? This is an awesomely styled look. I don’t think I could ever blog it because you have already done it to perfection! Simply perfect Zion, simply elegantly perfect (and yes, I would forego jewelry too, at the most simple single pearl on the ears, but that is a totally unecessary afterthought so I take it back, I would not change a single thing. Great work!

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