Gareth Pugh & Model Ethics …

I love styling it is my favorite thing to do in Second Life. I recently took part in the Style Kingdom casting which consisted of presenting 3 looks : ASIAN INVASION, FILM NOIR AND GARETH PUGH FALL WINTER 2013/14. I really enjoyed this process and I appreciated that the judges put their opinions out for the contestants to see I found that to be really helpful even if I of course didn’t agree with everything they had to say. Now I really enjoyed putting together the first two looks but had a hard time with the Gareth Pugh look the reason ? I am not a fan. I know it is a shallow reason but I don’t really like his work and so I did not find it very inspiring to do a look from it. SlFiece magazine also has a Gareth Pugh casting challenge and so I used the same look I did for the Style Kingdom casting. My opinion is that the look is very Gareth Pugh and it is the best Gareth Pugh look I could come up with, now should I use a more mediocre look for one of the contests or the same ? I would love your opinions on the model ethics of this.


Hair : Tuty’s sex appeal small ponytail in black
Top: illmatic Leather Assassin sweater in noir
Trousers :Michami Dench Flared Slacks in Black
Gloves : .shi Fingerles Gloves
Make up: Solideas Folies the day after makeup



One thought on “Gareth Pugh & Model Ethics …

  1. I don’t think it’s unethical and what one mag hates another may love. Besides, how much do you want to spend for a casting you may not win. That said, me personally since he has such a range from benign to vampire-ish couture, I probably would have styled two very different looks and then blogged them if I wasn’t picked up for the mag. I love the look, the only thing I would consider is my rule 55 for these “fierce” castings. “Did you punch yourself out of your comfort zone of what is style?” Fierce is being brave enough to do something really out there and totally unexpected. Just my rubber nickle on it. ♥♥

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