The Arcade and Great New Trousers !!!

I am all chipper this month. The arcade is back, a new Collabor88 is approaching, there are like two different fashion weeks around the corner and I have a great set of new trousers. I got them from the new designer J.Allen. they are Hottt! and I don’t use that word lightly. I am grasping my Yummy fish from The Arcade which I have to say has an awesome new feature I am not talking about the new machines which are very cool I am talking about the fact that you can now do your shopping off- sim so you don’t have to wade through the crowds and  lag to grab your Rares early, I know of course later in the month the crowds will diminish but if you are like me and gotta get your goodies now try the Off Sim location.


Hair : Shag Pussy Galore in Cherry
Top : J.Allen Queen Top in Black
Trousers : Casual Pants in Blue
Bag : Maitreya Calgary Clutch in Coal
Jewellery : I ❤ Fashion Egyptian Necklace in Gold
Glasses : LWL La Vie en Rose Aviators in cream
Yummy Electric Ninja
Shoes : BSD Modern Muse in Raw


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