Collabor88 Anniversary

The first time I visited Collabor88 it was August last year on their first anniversary, the thing I love so much about collabor88 is the mix of types of items Home and garden, Clothes, jewellery and shoes. It was probably the most I have ever spent at one time and I have been a huge fan ever since. And this Month is their 2nd anniversary and it is such a beautiful and Epic event as well. The theme is Razzle Dazzle  and the designers went above and beyond themselves and of course I had to get them all. Here is a look from some of my favourite items. There is till a week left to go so make sure you check it out. I am officially broke now 🙂 .

Collabor88 2nd


Hair : Wasabi Pills Claudette in Reds
Romper : House of Fox Silk Romper in Skyee
Bag : Milk Motion Perfume Bottle Bag in burgundy
Necklace : Paper Couture Snake chain Necklace


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