Finesmith Muse 2014 – Week 3

The Minoan snake Goddess represents to me the Womanhood. The mother and the Lover she is associated with domesticity and also orgiastic cults. She also has warior elements. When I decided to enter this contest this was the first goddess that came to mind I wanted to do something earthy and yet dark and This goddess represents this she is beautiful and has all the traditional elements of a woman but she is also deadly. I chose black metal jewellery to highlight her strength. I really enjoyed this challenge and I would have had the photo taken professionally but for reasons that will be explained soon I am oh so broke.


Jewellery : Finesmith Chakra Earrings
Kirin’s Poem Necklace in black
Krin’s Poem Head piece in black
Externatied bridge piercing
Holiday Tale Necklace in black
Nails: Finesmith Spike Nails in Noir
Skirt : Caverna Obscura Huldra outfit skirt
Pose and snakes – Virtual Props the snake charmer



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