Castings and Dealing with Rejection

So I went to a casting at Vogue for in store models and it was a fun experience I really love walking the runway and I love styling outfits so I always like to participate in these castings, contests ect. I have to say there was a great group of models there and I didn’t get picked this is the first time I have been really disappointed about the result of a casting this was only the second casting I have been to and I think I really wanted it, thats not to say the competition was not fierce the other models did an amazing job with their styling. It made me think about how to deal with rejection , it is such an ugly word, as a model I am sure I am going to have a lot more rejection to come so I want to be able to take it on the chin and move forward positively, I messed a bit on my runway  so I know I have to work on that and I need some help with elevating my styling so maybe I need to take a few modelling classes. I hope I can sty positive cause I really enjoy SL fashion I meet so many great people. I just wish there were more opportunities for models, anyways here is the Look I styled for the Casting I love this dress from Vogue, Hope you enjoy my ramblings.


Hair : Tuty’s Runway Afro in Black
Dress : Vogue Lolita Dress in Black
Shoes : Gos Sophia Peeptoe in Black
Earrings: Le Primtif Indulge Earring 2.0 Gold in Black


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