.shi Fashion Show

We are living in an era where everything is paced beyond our control. The constant fight for survival changes us. Our soul yearns and wails pushing us to a corner. This is the time to make a choice – Independence.

This collection showcases how simplicity, elements, materials & resources are challenged to create wearable fashion – expressing how our daily mediocre life of complacency and conformity transform into a new evolution.

This is the release from .shi for their new collection fashion show. It definitely lived up to it. I have loved .shi for a long while because they have some of the most creative and well made fashion on the grid so I was really excited to go to this show, and it was beautiful. I bought a dress for the show this gorgeous Toga dress in white. As things went down the runway everyone in the audience  was mentally shopping and planning future outfits.

.shi fashion show

Hair : Lelutka Josephine in Jessica
Dress : .Shi Toga Dress in White
Necklace : AmeliaRae | Beauparlant 24K Latvian gold Necklace


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