Tryng out my new surfboard

So another round of the arcade is over, and I finally got to unpack all the stuff I got, I am usually hesitant to unpack as one of my favourite parts of the arcade is the trading, one of the items I got was this Tabloid surfboard, it was the result of a trade, and I love it especially as it come with a built in pose, I immediately wanted to take a photo so I ended spending some hours doing abit of grid exploring looking for the right beach to use as a background, I love exploring the grid but it has been a while since I have done so, I usually spend sundays doing flyovers and visiting new sims but I haven’t had the time lately so it was a fun few hours. The outfit is a combination of pieces from different Liv Glam outfits and I especially love the cut and print on the trousers.

Liv glam casual_003


Hair : Truth Josie in Burgundy
Top : Liv Glam Vanessa Bikini top
Jacket : Liv Glam Marchesa Belted jacket
Trousers : Liv Glam Sandra Pants
Necklace & Earrings : Maxi Gossamer Summertime Easy Living


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