Glam Girl 2013

So I am sure I have mention a couple of times that I love styling contests. I am so very thrilled about the Liv Glam Styling contest. One of my favorite stores on the grid, The title is appropriately called Glam Girls 2013, and I really enjoyed putting together my first look for the contest which is running on a monthly basis, RL has been hectic for me recently, so I only did one look this month but the inspiration came very easily especially when I saw the dress, I took the photo at the Grove country club which I am in love with by the way, I landed in an odd place when trying to get into the Arcade and decided to actually explore the really lovely surroundings, I ended up in this amazing place and I believe it was destiny as it was just as I envisioned it when I styled my outfit, it was like being at a poolside cocktail party in Saint-Tropez, sipping ice cold champagne.

liv glam girl 1_005

Hair :Epoque Tied up in Heat
Dress : Liv Glam summer 2013 Dulani Print dress
Jewellery : Mandala Osenbei set in gold
Glasses: Goucci Neutral oversized Sunglasses
Shoes :Ryvolter Ulla translucent pump in nude
Lipstick: Swallow Surrealist lipstick


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