The joy of a really great dress

I am forever finding forgotten things in my inventory I recently came across in my lost and found a really great Victorian furniture set I have not seen since I stopped role playing in Venexia almost a year ago, it used to quite pretty in my apartment there and it was my first real furniture purchase, I really loved it and had thought it lost I was so thrilled to find it.  I have become quite brutal with my inventory cleaning as I used to have so much stuff in my lost and folder, I seem to be very sentimental about some  of my older stuff even when I don’t use them anymore, I had all my old shoes that I haven’t worn in ages because the new styles are of such better quality I would get all misty thinking “awe that was a shoe I got from when I used to go trolling lucky boards and I was so thrilled to find it”. But I went all brutal and just deleted everything I don’t wear anymore, I even had a bunch of hunt gifts that I never even opened to see what was inside. My inventory is a lean clean 47,000 now (It was way worse I wont ever tell the old number 🙂 ) The same day I found this amazeballs orange dress from 22769 called Sophia, it was fate as I was planning to go to a show on Sunday highlighting German designers and this dress was so perfect I love the unique style of it and I remember it as being one of the first Mesh clothing I ever had. the dress fits so great and I felt so very elegant in it, It gave me a nice lift the way only a great dress can. It was a really great show and I got to do one of my favourite things to apart from enjoying the show, I love seeing what everyone wears to the shows.


Hair : Lelutka Scarlet in Jessica red
Dress : 22769 Sophia dress
Shoes : BSD Less is more in orange
Necklace : Remy Beau tassels in gold
Ring : Foil Crystal Cocktail ring in gold
Clutch : Pure Poison Golden Persia Clutch


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