I am homeless … but at least I look cute.

I have developed a love of decorating in second Life there are so many great designers and architect I can actually create whatever space I would like. I am currently homeless and so I have been flying around lately looking for land to buy rather than renting so I can have more free reign to decorate and do whatever I like with the land.I have always really enjoyed flying around and looking at the different things people build. but Lord how I hate ban lines it is so annoying and I get why people would have them but they are quickly becoming one of the things I hate most about Second Life. On a less whiny note I found this great striped sheer dress in my inventory I really have to start keeping better track of my awesome clothes. And styled it with my great hat from Milk motion.


Hair : Wasabi Pills Betty in red
Dress : SYL Sheer Striped maxi dress
Necklace SYL Polly Jewel Necklace in emerald/gold
Hat : Milk Motion


2 thoughts on “I am homeless … but at least I look cute.

  1. :* i miss my home so much. I dont know why, i rarely went down from my platform. But i know each and every piece down there. Every tree, every chair, i picked to go right where it was. I had an anchor. Let me know if you want the lm and names to where i was. I still think. Wow i was there for 4 rl years…

  2. Wow, I know what you mean I actually pend a lot of time in the sandbox I normally use, which is really sad. I think alot of people do this though, I have a friend who actually goes to bed in her home when she logs off I have found a kind of temp home I am currently using and I actually put the pose stand in the middle of the largest room so I can actually enjoy the house as I am working on my styling.

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