My Three SL wishes Meme

I really enjoy reading the meme from other blogs so I decided to do another one ..

My three Second Life Wishes

1. I wish …

I was better at making friends, I have been making more of an effort to be more outgoing but I am just a naturally quiet person I tend to be more of an introvert and so I find it a bit hard. I will work on it more though so look out SL

2. I wish ..

I had more Group spaces. I know I know this one kind of goes without saying and lord knows what my group list would look like if I did not have to cull it at times to make room but it is so hard making scarifies

3. I wish…

There was more of an economy in world. I am on a fixed budget in RL and so try not to spend actual money for lindens but it is hard to actually earn money in world if you suck so very hard as me at creation there are not many routes save for prostitution for making making or at least the amount of money I would like to satisfy my shopping need. (I may be wrong about this so if you know of any high paying jobs hook me up !)

In this picture I am wearing the oh so pretty dress from Dead Dollz, a new store to me I love this dress alot.

dead dollz_001


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