Who is the Best in Diram Semi-Final

I have had a bit of a mixed week, my boyfriend broke up with me and my laptop conked out. *sigh deeply* the gods do not like me this week. I made it through to the semi-finals of  Who is the best in Diram contest which meant a runway show I was really excited about it till I arrived backstage and saw the audience and wow I got nervous, I couldn’t believe how nervous I was and to top it off I crashed before it was my turn to strut. I eventually made my way back and struted my stuff and then I couldn’t find my second outfit *sighs deeper* so I had to improvise one right there, it turned out okay, I went out again and wow it was a rush I was so surprised at how fun it was.  I really enjoyed the whole experience not counting the crash, and cant wait for the next contest/challenge.




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