Who is the Best in Diram – Burst of Colour

Woo Hoo!  I actually made it past the first stage of a casting. I participated in the live casting and made it to the next round which takes the form of a flickr photo contest. I contemplated having the photo taken by a professional photographer but decided against it. The challenge was to make a styling like it’s to be on the cover of VOGUE be creative and inspired by the spring season. I have to say I was instantly inspired by the blog entry by the awesome Caoimhe Lionheart  (http://anchailinalainn.com/2013/04/09/what-a-wonderful-world/) to use color in all parts of my look. I am feeling the need to shed my habitual black and white in both SL and RL. I really enjoyed creating this look shopping in the store and trying different options. Doing this reinvigorated my spring fashion love affair. So thank you Cao and thank you so much for the opportunity Diram !




Style Card:
Hair : [e] Found in Black
Top : Diram Blouse from the Eve Dress in Green
Skirt : Diram Skirt from the Peyton Dress in Purple
Jewellery : Paper Couture I Dream of India Set
Sunglasses : Diram Armelle Diva glasses



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