Things that Peeve me off.

I love love love Neva River, I was strolling along the lovely beach and had to take a picture in my new Liv Glam Maxi dress. I also decided to try my hand at this Meme I saw on Strawberry Singh’s site So here goes


My SL Pet Peeves.

1. Random sexual assault :

I recently had a guy try to hump me while I was in a sandbox, seriously, WTF ?

2. Empty Role-play sims :

I get really depressed when looking for sims to role-play in and there is a beautiful sim which a great story that is completely empty. I know this is completely selfish but people need to stop what they are doing and come and play.(I am guilty of this)

3. Lag

I know it is annoying when people complain  about lag, but it is so frustrating how can you help whingeing about it.

4. Paying for Demos /No Demos

I  hate it when I am asked to pay for a demo and it is so frustrating when Designers don’t offer demos.

5. Morphs

Just creepy.



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