Boudoir how I love thee !
I was in the boudoir store for quite some time due to the lucky board and ended falling in love with the designs again. It had been a while since I had been in the store or even bought anything I had a thorough browse in the store found many things I wanted to buy, sigh, it is proving very difficult to save for the modelling academy classes I want to take, I managed to control myself and only purchase one outfit which was ideal to wear to the Avenue Valentines Masquerade Ball I wanted to wear something different from what I wore earlier to the love for sale show and it was very dark which was what I was looking for. Hope you love as much as I do I took these photos at The Wastelands a post apocalyptic sim I have been exploring it is a really cool place to have a walk through and seems like a cool role playing experience.

Avenue masquerade ball_002 Avenue masquerade ball_005 Avenue masquerade ball_006
Hair : [e] Looing in black
Outfit : Boudoir Snowhite gone bad
Boots : r2 A/D/E kneehigh boots in black
Earrings : Fulo Gigi earrings in white
mask : (TW) Lace Masquerade in Black


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