This is my look for the 2013 Oscar Photo contest. It is such a cool contest I didn’t even have to think too hard on this one I just had a vintage look in my head though I actually went through a lot of the gowns in my closet and then I came across this Purplemoon Gown I have had for a while (Poulet is a Gown Genius !) I love the fall and feel of this gown it sent me back and I channeled a 1920’s ingenue at her first big film premiere. I got this hair at elikatira (I will be wearing her hair for some time as I went a bit overboard at the sale) and it is just so sharp and chic it went perfectly with the gown. I added the stunning jewellery from Lazuri that they designed for Lolita Paragorn to wear during Miss Virtual World which shockingly is a group gift currently.

oscar take 1_006

Hair: [[elikatira] looking
Gown & Gloves : PurpleMoon Kelly Gown in Bordeaux
Jewellery : Lazuri MVW set for Lolita Paragorn



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