I have become quite a devoted Avenue fan over recent months as such I was excited to finally get the new year edition of the magazine, I was even more excited to learn about the Look of the month Challenge. It is such a great idea and I am really happy it is on flickr so you get to see the different entries people come up with, and I am determined to see if I can get one of my looks chosen for the magazine, I have decided this is the year I will begin pursuing modeling actively lack of confidence having held me back before but due to my great friends encouraging me I am going to give it a try and I think these challenges are great as styling is such an important aspect of being a model, I am determined to enter as many contests as I can I find them to be great learning tools and also great fun. I actually read a really inspiring post on a blog post by Caoimhe Lionheart where she gave some great advice about styling for contests. http://anchailinalainn.com/2013/01/24/what-is-and-what-shall-never-be/




 Hair : [e] Abbey in red 
Killer & Divine Earrings : Fulo Gigi earrings in white
top and gloves : Gizza Blazer suit in white and black
Trousers : Ison High waisted cigarette trousers in black
Shoes : N-core Coquete platform in dark red
Glasses : House of Fox 1960’s frames in black
Cigarette : the Sea hole Parisian Cigarette and holder

Hat : I bought a full perm hat and changed the texture.




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