Avenue Models Casting

Just wanted to share some of  the photos I submitted to the Avenue Models casting call.


Avenue model casting New romantic shot








I spent most of the last few months trying to really explore my personal style. Trying out different styling and exploring the different fashion brands on the grid. When I first joined Secondlife my love of fashion was limited to my role playing I didn’t pay much attention to the mainstream fashion as I was a fairy and I had no use for it . But about 5 months ago I started going clubbing and going to concerts and started shopping to make my avatar look nicer I really wanted to look stylish on a whim I picked up an Avenue magazine not really taking it seriously until I read through it and saw the wonderful styling and the amazing photos it really awakened my sleeping fashion monster I started visiting stores and going to fashion shows and my style has gotten a lot more polished. it really opened my eyes to the amazing creative talents that work so hard to create the amazing things around the grid. I only recently got the nerve to even enter styling contests and the Molichino one I entered was the second I entered but it was great fun and I was so pleased by the comments I got on my entry, there was a big difference between the first styling contest I entered and the molichino. The Avenue casting is more of a serious thing I don’t really think I will win or anything but I like  the idea that modelling professionals will be looking at my photos.


Gizza Marleen dress in white
tomoto lace gloves in white
Lelutka Vent hair in Jessica
Glow Studio juicy gems earrings
Boudoir floral eyeliner

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