From the depths of my inventory !

This is a regular lament of mine finding things in my inventory that I forgot I had. I am actually really happy when I find them but I whinge about it a lot .I found this dress, from The Sea Hole, while going through my inventory as part of my never ending quest to organize it. I am so surprised that I’ve never worn it before it really is so cute , so I put it on with this pretty hair I got from Truth and went on my daily bit of grid exploring (it is my aim to visit every corner of the grid) I discovered this little coffee shop on my ramble and also some amazing stores in Warrumbungles, it is an area well worth exploring. I will also note I have been to this area a lot as this is where the Ison store is but this was the first time I went beyond the store I really enjoy taking the time to look around especially when there is such effort put into creating these wonderful spaces.


Blog the seahole dress_002

Hair : Truth Jade in gem
Eyes :Mayfly Deep sky eyes in Persian blue
Dress : The Sea Hole Valley dress in custard
Jewellery : Virtual impressions Leona texture change set


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