Hello Second World 

This is my first attempt at blogging so bear with me. I joined SL a year ago but I limited my time on the grid to Role- playing. I only recently started to really explore all the amazing things to do and see in this virtual world and by far my favorite thing is fashion I really enjoy shopping seeing the creative ways people create and style their clothes and creating outfits of my own. I am also trying my hand at photography and I am very tech stupid so it going slowly. for my first post I am posting probably the best photo I have ever taken it is for the Molichino styling contest. I really loved the dress and I just wanted to do something simple be true to the clean lines and elegance of the dress. Hope you and (Molichino ) like it.







Hair : Loovus Dzevavor Betty Noir4
Skin : Hush Lily Ravish in Vanilla
Eyes : Mayfly in London Fog
Earrings : The sea hole parisian earrings in blush
ring : NCparis solitaire ring
Belt : Molichino Bindi belt
Dress : Molichino Fame Dress in white
Collar : Molichino relaxed tunic collar
Shoes : N-core coquette platform pumps in Black


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