Black Friday AKA The best day of shopping in Second Life ever.

I had never heard of Black Thursday before I joined Second Life it seems to be kinda the American version of Boxing Day (or vice versa if you prefer ). Happily this is a tradition a lot of the designers in Second life have decided to emulate. I went a bit crazy going around the various sales and spent wayyyy more than I normally would.  here I have created a look with couple of with some of my favorite pieces from the stuff I bought. You will be seeing more of the items I bought later on.



Hair : Wasabi Pills Amelie Crystals pack Violet (50L euphoria black friday event )
Skin : Hush Skins
Jewellery :MG Raven skull Set necklaces and earrings (50L euphoria black friday event)
Top : e! electric Mesh parkles top Night (50L Black item sale)
Trousers : CIA Designs Biker pants Red (50L euphoria black friday event)


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